Cleanroom concept

The “Cleanroom” concept was initially derived from the need to stay physically distanced from people during the COVID-19 pandemic. CSI has taken the idea of the cleanroom and iterated it to enable next level safety and security for all users and their information.

key features

  • Room sanitised to the currently accepted Government standards prior to occupation;
  • Remote facilitation and support via VPN and video conference;
  • Sterilized tablet (iPAD) control for all room functions;
  • Jarviz-IoE controlled lights, blinds, smart glass, screens, projectors, audio and visualisation scenarios;
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom video cameras in the space to enable remote support and monitoring;
  • Support for Microsoft Teams, Google G-Suite, Zoom, Skype, etc (these have been tested).

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The cleanroom is a COVID-19 compliant workspace where people can meet in a safe, secure, clean environment while accessing technology.  Remote experts provide real-time assistance to make hosting meetings efficient.

  • Room switch has port security enabled (only allows one MAC address to connect);
  • Resident PC case security alerts enabled and BIOS password protected;
  • Room resides on its own VLAN and can be segregated from the rest of the network if necessary;
  • Wi-Fi can be secured per device or open to all devices in the space.


With minor installation of cost effective network technology, CSI can support and facilitate staff access to a cleanroom via:

  • Secure virtual private network (VPN) for remote connections and remote control;
  • Secure video conferencing for remote communication during demonstrations and setups;
  • Phone support for immediate needs – 12/7 availability;
  • A cleanroom can be a single boardroom, an entire floor or an entire building.

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