Biblie Virtual Labs World Premiere at Foy’s Arcade

We want to extend a huge thank you to BrettLeavy, Creative Director of Bilbie Virtual Lab for another extraordinary world premiere of Virtual Songlines River Yarns at Foy’s Arcade. We are proud to be one of the homes of the cultural quest-driven, historically accurate virtual day-in-the-life of the traditional landowners.

The team at Bilbie Virtual Lab reconstruct any location and recreate a virtual environment as it existed prior to western colonization. Using satellite height map data, combined with old maps, a virtual and authentic landscape is created in 3D. This landscape is then populated with native flora and fauna, along with the cultural heritage of that region of Australia for this particular time period.


Our CEO Jeff Jones had the honour of working closely with Brett in the past at the Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Interaction Design at QUT, where Jeff (then a Professor of Interaction Design) supervised Brett during his Masters Thesis, laying some of the foundational research needed to reproduce the land in a respectful, authentic and authoritative manner.

It’s great to see such an expansive and immersive experience on the large curved screen, representing a real-world topographical and historical experience that took the user back to a time and place hundreds of years ago. Such immersive and interactive technologies tells a compelling digital story that not only educates but also entertains people of all ages.

We are excited about Brett’s strategic development plans and we intend to host more “Cultural Time Machines” from the Team at Bilbie Virtual Lab in the near future!