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who we are

People are naturally social and social relationships have sustained the ways we interrelate to start and finish our greatest achievements. Today the ways we use technology has created a virtual-world that is overloading us with so much information that the resulting behaviours are breaking many productive social relationships in the actual-world.

Collective Social Intelligence is not just a global organisation it is our mantra, the way we conduct our business, ourselves and the way we engage with the world. CSI is our vision for the planet and it all starts with visualising, socialising and agreeing common goals and critical success factors based on the understanding that ultimately we all want the same things for our own well being, our children and the future.

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what we do

CSI paves the way for a more generic discussion of how we use space and workplaces to create innovation and more importantly how innovation relates to competitive advantage. Innovation is fundamentally about people and how they work together using visualisation. Ultimately it is the people you have working for you and how they work together that is the sole source of innovation in any organisation.

Our unique IP and world first technologies and methodologies enable people and businesses to extract maximum value from relationships, creating value between customers, shareholders, employees and management, especially when it comes to immediately understanding that the key to growth and profitability are in recognising value vs. cost.

why us?

Our value proposition positions CSI as the preeminent experts in the implementation and integration of world first technologies that enable people and process, which are the fundamental drivers of success for any organisation.

CSI has the process, people and the technology to improve your return on investment by 40% across your entire business and its value chain.

We assist you to attract and retain loyal customers, build a responsive and reflexive organisation, increase market share, attract and retain skilled employees, use technology for competitive advantage, cut costs via improved productivity & efficiency, balance short-term goals with long term strategy, plan and design business strategy and focus on core competencies and people.

Meet the team


Professor. Jeffrey jones


Jeffrey is one of the world's pre-eminent experts in interaction design. Having established global benchmarks in design, engineering disciplines, and R&D he leads CSI in collaboration strategies to support people, process and technology.


Kristina Reynolds

Behavioural Profiler

Kristina is an executive mentor, marketing professional and a behavioural profiler. Kristina is a principal consultant and facilitator, creating initiatives that take people and organisations “from belief to behaviour” and leaders from good to great.


Dave wallace

lead developer

Dave has over a decade of experience working on challenging and unique design problems. Working in a range of roles has allowed him to stay at the forefront of all things technology and design.


alistair riddell


With 30 years of experience as a musician, composer, performer, creative coder, installation artist, collaborator, educator, supervisor, writer and promoter of evolving digital creativity, Alistair is completely at home in the CSI environment where experimentation and radical business innovation are second nature.


lucas hunter

Graphic and User Experience Designer

Lucas has a unique eye for design that is leveraged off his multimedia background. He is able to design front-ends to CSI’s offerings and communications from web, video, UI/UX, to branding, marketing and social media. He also specialises in digital content creation for over 51 million pixels at our showroom Foy's Arcade where we hold demos, events, workshops and other experiences every day.


Craig Casson

network and systems architect

Craig Casson is our Network and Systems Architect with many successful projects under his belt during his 20 years in IT, he has deep experience in corporate, enterprise and education deployments and implementations, management and support with hands on real world experience in the following:

HP Enterprise Storage, Rack Servers, Blade Servers, Network Hardware, Desktops and notebooks, the same with VMware, Citrix, Meraki, Fortinet, Trend Micro, Symantec, Riverbed, PaloAlto, Microsoft Server, Microsoft Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, CRM and desktop software, Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, Ubuntu.


andrew sorensen

computer scientist

Andrew is an artist, a programmer, and a computer scientist. Andrew is well known for creating the programming languages that he uses in live performance to generate audiovisual theatre.


Sean Gobey

3D artist

Sean is an accomplished game designer and 3D artist and is expert in physical and digital visual effects and animation contributing to globally recognised projects in cultural heritage, natural environment, sustainability, and property visualisation.


Dr Jim I. Jones

Senior Process Consultant

Jim is a Systems Engineer with experience in the U.S., Germany, England, and Australia in management, development and consulting positions in information systems, CAD/CAM/CIM and systems engineering.


Glenn smith

thinker, designer, maker

As a practiced Industrial Designer, Glenn has helped create successful products for research organisations, manufacturers, international brands and startups. He has 20 years of professional experience in all facets of industry such as research, education, manufacturer, and design. His experience with consumers gives him a strong empathy for developing the right products.


Carolyn Marriott


Carolyn Marriott is a retail property specialist and customer advocate who works strategically with clients to futureproof property assets and portfolios. The complex retail environment can no longer focus solely on the next leasehold transaction. To respond to ever-evolving customer demand, owners and retailers must constantly reimagine the future of retail through an integrated partnership to ensure ongoing success.


sectors we work in



Our work in the resources industry creates a visualisation capability to increase investment confidence. Through visualisation of resources and reserves investors are able to see the future and make predictions with more certainty.
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Universities, public engagement centres and research institutes have a general focus across areas of endeavour that include science, engineering, technology, maths, society, culture and their interfaces. We have developed environments that span all of these silos creating an immersive, interactive experience like no other.
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Ultimately, the success of any space lies in its occupancy and utilisation. Spaces need to be fit-for-purpose not a fad. CSI works with the world's leading developers and asset owners to ensure their bespoke Collaboratories contribute to people, process and profitability by allowing visualisation to enable decision making to happen 40% faster.
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Our work for government includes visualisation of innovation policy outcomes, showcasing trade and investment opportunities and demystifying data. Our expertise ranges from massive displays to apps and other implementations that facilitate coordination, collaboration and innovation.
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Our expert capabilities include - Custom software and app development, content creation, Multi-user interactive content Gesture and multi-touch integration Interactive A/V Design, A/V Procurement, integration and installation, Custom PC design, procurement and build, Custom Software, App Development, Media Content Creation, game level-design, Multi-user Gesture Design and Multi-user interactive content.
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In the Healthcare realm Collective Social Intelligence (CSI) is the process of getting IT people and medical professionals working together better by establishing Collaboratories that facilitate rapid prototyping, user experience, content and user interfaces that are all developed in consultation with Clinicians, Health Care professionals and IT specialists to develop better ways of working to implement innovation for Aged Care and the National Health Register for example.
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CSI was born out of a true international collaboration between the worlds first interaction design software developer at the American Museum of Natural History, an Aerospace Engineer and a globally renowned Systems Engineer in 2003. The brains trust went on to build a multi award winning global organisation that actually implements true, measurable innovation and collaboration solutions across:

Industry Sectors
International Employees

Our Chairman Professor Jeffrey Jones has raised over $100,000,000 (USD) to facilitate 15 commercial spin off companies that thrive in todays challenging marketplace.

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